Adam Parnell B.Mus(Hons)RNCM

Music & Dance Tuition and Workshops

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Adam Parnell, author of the GCSE Music Composition Workbook: Basics of Composition; Resources, 
help & guidance, Tuition and help for GCSE Music Composition, Piano, Theory & Woodwind Lessons, 
Tango & Salsa Dance in Wakefield, York, Boroughbridge, Chesterfield, Yorkshire Tango Dance Tuition

Adam has been studying tango now for many years. Already an experienced salsa dancer, he went to live in Buenos Aires for a year in 2004 where he took daily tango classes with a variety of teachers including Mario Bournissen and Eugenia Martinez of Soho tango, the D.N.I. school, and Elina Ruiz. He eventually took on the role of a teaching assistant as well as having a few private students of his own. Now in England, Adam teaches group tango classes as well as having several private students in the York, Harrogate & Chesterfield areas. He returns to Buenos Aires 2 or 3 times a year to take private classes with Elina Ruiz and to sharpen his tango skills.

Individual or couples private classes are available in Boroughbridge (near York), Wakefield and Chesterfield.

For more information, see the White Rose Tango website.